Poem: BELL

A28625_l.1 (3)BELL

by Debi

A Bell, that is not music.

A silent tiny dull and quiet song
No chiming in its singing
nor loudness in its noiselessness
Wooden handled graceful lines
Brassy music shining under tarnish

The silence is ringing.

Random Bits: Shifting the Lens

Notes from discussing Georges Perec’s “Approaches to What?

Rather than focus on the scandal, the news event, the cataclysm, focus instead on the mundane, the ordinary, the “what’s happening when nothing’s happening.”

Don’t be a daily newspaper but be a daily record of the little things that make up the very fabric of our lives.

Question the habitual even though it’s difficult to see because you’ve been habituated to it.

“Look with all your eyes, look.” – Jules Verne

Ask the questions journalists focus on (“5 W’s and an H”), but turn the focus to the small common things rather than the more significant, yet abnormal, happenings.

Microscopic rather than macro.

Shift the lens.