Walk #4 – Isaac Evans Park – Auburn, WA

A Writing Experiment with My Phone’s Camera: Inspired by reading Sixty Morning Walks by Andy Fitch, and by the photographic walks of Richard Long

by Debi

(if you missed the first installments:  Walk #1)

WALK #4 — Isaac Evans Park
Auburn, Washington USA
1:15pm to 2:00pm
Monday – January 19th, 2015

bridge and sky (3)Parked by the bridge.

First thing greeting me as I stepped out of the car were finches.  Lots and lots of finches.  A full flock of finches.  Guess this is the part of Auburn where finches live.  Haven’t seen many finches on earlier walks.  The bushes by the roadside are alive with hopping, chattering finches.  And sunshine.  Did I mentioned sunshine?  Yeah.  Sunshine.  A group of Canada geese (a gaggle? a flock?) is lying in the grass enjoying the sun.

little library (2)Someone put up a Little Free Library here several years ago, but there never seem to be books in it.  Two summers ago I’d thought about adopting it myself and keeping it full of books from garage sales, but promptly forgot about my desire to do this.  Out of sight, out of mind.  This isn’t the side of town where I come often enough for it to remain fresh in my mind.

bridge railing (2)I love this suspension bridge.  There’s something rather industrial about it.  Chain link fencing.  Giant bolts.  Thick twisted wire ropes.  It’s both picturesque and raw.  Sort of like this neighborhood.  Rougher than some of the other neighborhoods I’ve walked in this week, but flanking the beautiful Green River.

After crossing the bridge, I’m greeted by a flock of Juncos, a squirrel, and a couple of crows.  Everyone scatters when they see me walking down the trail, but regroup again as soon as I’m safely past.

bridge from below (2)Take a detour down by the riverside.  It looks so cold.  Glad the sun’s shining.  Only sounds are the river flowing quietly and an occasional car going by just the other side of the bushes.

I remember coming to this park to have a PR photo taken for one of my book covers.  We sat on this very bench, I believe.

tree root crack (2)Cracks in sidewalk everywhere from the tree roots.  Nature wins out.  Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.  I think if I weren’t careful and tripped over one of these huge cracks, I’d break my own back.

woodpecker holes (2)Today’s ear worm (thanks to a commercial just before leaving the car) is the Boat Show theme song.  The Boat Show, the Boat Show, the Big Seattle Boat Show.  My grandfather was in charge of the first Boat Show’s many years ago when they were still being held at Bryant’s Marina on Lake Union.  I spent many days of my childhood at the Boat Show.  I was not impressed.  Even today when I hear an ad for the Boat Show, it triggers this thought, “Oh, no.  Not the Boat Show again.  Ugh.  So boring.”

road trail fence golf course (2)Crows.  Trees.  Bushes.  Litter.  Cars.  Houses.  River.  Apartments.  Tree stumps.  Grass.  Split-rail fences.  Squirrel.  Leaves.  Twigs.  Puddles.

Wandered back by the river.  Footprints and paw prints in the sand.  I look back to see what sort of tracks my shoes left and I can hardly tell where I’d stepped.  Feel slightly disappointed.

gravel art (2)Another play structure my kids grew up playing on.

Art in the gravel.  I can imagine a small child dragging a stick in the gravel and making designs.  Think about doing it myself, but a young family is coming and I don’t want to intrude on their family time by doing a crazy lady thing.

stepping stones (2)More art in the park.  A couple of happy Seahawks fans walk past.

Restroom pun on an outhouse sign:  “HEAD-Quarters.”  Fits with the Boat Show song that’s still playing in my head.

fish on restroom building (2)I enjoy the walk at this park, but the unfortunate thing is the return trip is essentially the same walk as the first half, just in reverse.  Don’t really notice anything new or different.  A dog and owner.  Another pit bull.  I think I’ve seen more pit bulls while I’ve been out walking this week than any other breed.  I guess I hadn’t realized how popular they were in Auburn.

Curb angle (2)Walking.  Walking.  Same trail.  Same crows.  Same squirrels in the same places.  The last half of the walk feels like one long déjà vu.  A man and his dog pass me on the bridge.  We stop to chat briefly while his dog gives me kisses.  “He’s so deprived and starved for attention.  Nobody ever pets him, you’d think from how he acts.”  Laughter.

planting area (2)Thinking about how it’s MLK, Jr. Day and I should really do something to contribute to my community today.  Guilt and self-condemnation and “shoulds” run strong in my family.

Witch of Blackbird Pond (2)Passing the Little Free Library again. I suddenly remember I have some books in my car that I’m giving to a friend’s nine-year-old son.  I look through the book bag to see if there’s something I’d rather donate to the Little Library, and see that I’d included The Witch of Blackbird Pond in the bag.  Wasn’t sure if my friend’s son would enjoy that book or not, anyway, so I leave it in the Little Free Library instead.

When I get home, I’m going to look around and see if I have some other books to donate.  Decide my gift to the community today will be a literary one.  Hopefully I’ll find enough books to fill the Little Free Library this afternoon.

bridge decking (2)Which reminds me, I’ve always wanted to have a Little Free Library of my own next to my driveway so I could share books with the neighbors who walk by walking their dogs, and the kids in the neighborhood.  Might have to look into what would be involved.

Wish I were handy enough to build one of them myself.  The pre-built ones are expensive.  Maybe I could set up a GoFundMe page for supporting the establishment of Little Free Libraries around Auburn?

Oh, dear.  I may be sensing a new literacy project looming in my future.