My Favorite Photos from the Walks

It was surprising how well my cell phone camera visually captured my walks.  I don’t have a smart phone, so the camera on my phone is low-tech.

The only thing I did to the photos was switch them to black-and-white, cropped a couple of them slightly, and on some I adjusted the lighting effects if the images were unclear due to shadows.  Other than that, this is what came from my phone.

I now realize if I don’t have one of my good cameras with me when I’m out-and-about, I still have the possibility of bringing home at least halfway decent photos.

Here are my personal favorites from the series of walks I took in local Auburn, Washington parks this past week.

play area border (4)

Play Area Border – Game Farm Park

climbing wall (2)

Climbing Wall – Les Gove Park

planting area (2)

Sidewalk Planting Area – Isaac Evans Park

trees in the rain (2)

Trees in the Rain – Game Farm Park

rock wall (2)

Rock Wall – Game Farm Park

bridge from below (2)

Footbridge – Isaac Evans Park

girls in rain (2)

Girls in the Rain – Game Farm Park

closer sun circle (4)

Sun Circle – Game Farm Park

hail downpour (2)

Picnic in a Hailstorm – Game Farm Park

ominous clouds (3)

Storm’s Coming – Game Farm Park

grafitti (3)

Graffiti – Roegner Park

trees with a crow (2)

Trees & Crows – Roegner Park