Wardrobe colors?

I read recently that one way to discover what wardrobe would make you happy is to go to a paint store, look at all the paint swatches, and see which ones “speak to your soul.”

Well, I was at a store the other day that sells paint, so I decided to give it a try. I kept telling myself not to look for colors that I would choose to wear, but to look for colors that “speak to my soul.” I was about to give up because nothing was speaking to me. But then I saw them. Peacock blues and vibrant purples. The cards with those colors almost jumped off the display at me. Those are NOT colors I would choose to wear, but wow, were they “speaking to me.”

I brought the swatches home with me and have looked at them now and then. Nope, still not something I could see myself wearing.

Then the other day it dawned on me …. I’d decided a while back that if I ever decided to go wild and crazy with my hair, I would have it dyed those very colors! Deep blues and vibrant purples … I think of them as peacock colors. Oh. My. Gosh. I honestly wanted to dye my hair those colors. Maybe I actually could see them as clothing.

The book recommended for the next step to take your color swatches to the fabric store and find a fabric with the colors you’ve chosen. Buy a yard, and live with it for a while. Throw it over a chair. Maybe make a pillow out of it, or a scarf.

I haven’t done the fabric part of this experiment yet, but so far it’s been an interesting experience. Peacock blues and vibrant purples. Wow. That’s a far cry from the colors I usually wear, I wear a lot of autumn colors and black and white and blue jeans. I don’t have a single piece of vibrant colors in my wardrobe.

I’ll report back if I do the fabric store visit.

Wardrobe Choices

I’ve been working my way through the book The Simple Abundance Companion by Sarah ban Breathnach. It goes with the daily reader Simple Abundance which I read many years ago. The books are about getting in touch with your Authentic Self, the inner you that can sometimes get lost in midst of life’s demands.,

Today’s reading was about selecting a wardrobe that reflects the real you and doesn’t just reflect the current trends and fashions, or the clothes you’ve been hauling around for years because they still fit.

I’ve been in the process of losing weight and have actually gone down two sizes. So I’ve been buying clothing, mainly at thrift stores, to keep me clothed in things that fit. My main question related to clothing right now is, “Does it fit?” I haven’t been asking questions about is it my style, or is it right for me, or does it express what I want to show?

But eventually I’ll be at the end of this weight loss journey and I’ll be looking for clothes that will stay with me for a while. Clothes that I want to have express the real me (still working on what that means for me). What sort of questions will I need to ask then?

In the Companion book, she has some questions that she suggests someone ponder when trying to find what wardrobe style will suit them. Some of the questions/statements include:

  • Does it make you smile?
  • What are items of clothing you have that make you feel beautiful? Do they have anything in common?
  • Which clothes make you feel relaxed and comfortable?
  • Check out colors at a paint store. Examine the color swatches and see which colors speak to your soul.
  • Everything in your closet should make you feel beautiful and/or comfortable.

The clothes that make me feel the most beautiful are a short-sleeved above-the-knee black dress, a long-sleeved dark gray A-line dress, and a forest green shirt dress. A favorite pair of boots gets worn with two of these dresses. What do they have in common? They’re all dresses. And simple, and pretty casual. Dark colors. I dress them all up or down with jewelry choices. Hm. I don’t think of myself as much of a dresses sort of person, but isn’t that interesting that I feel the most beautiful when wearing a dress. I wouldn’t have realized that without doing this exercise.

I feel the most relaxed and comfortable in jeans, long-sleeved t-shirts, and sweaters. Or jammies. But I can’t wear jammies out in public. Well, I suppose I could wear them out in public … but I don’t choose to.  😉

Next time I’m at the thrift store doing some clothing shopping to replace the clothes that no longer fit, I think I’m going to make a point of checking out the rack of dresses.