Self-Care: Watercolor …

Although I don’t have experience (or talent) with painting, I’d been having a strong urge to take a watercolor class. Watercolor, with its soft edges and bleeding colors, seemed like it might be a more forgiving art form for me than something like acrylics or oils. I have developed a slight tremor which makes fine details next to impossible for me.

I tried to find a friend to take an in-person class with me, but nobody was interested, so I looked around online and found some free video tutorials for beginning watercolorists. Much to my surprise, I actually liked some of my paintings that resulted from the tutorials.

Now I have an “art studio” set up on my kitchen table. It has the best light in the house. I don’t use that table often, except for folding laundry. The dining room table is my eating spot (and the couch). 😉

Anyway, almost every day for the past six weeks, I’m spent at least a few minutes painting or practicing. While my work isn’t professional by any stretch of the imagination (and probably never will be due to my tremor), it’s healing for me to sit quietly and play with forms and colors.

Self-care. It comes in many forms. What things do you do to take care of yourself and to treat yourself kindly?