I’m currently working on an erasure poem of an entire book.  Is there such a thing as an epic erasure?  That seems to better describe this undertaking.

Here’s a brief sample of a small part of one of the poems I found hiding in the text of the book I’m erasing.

UPDATE!  The book is now in print!  BAD THINGS HAPPEN: an erasure.


it is easy
to become conformed
all things
are working
in all things
to conform you
right now

5 thoughts on “Conformed

  1. I think I finally finished the erasure part! Now to just type it all up. I think it’s going to be long enough to be a small book. I’m considering self-publishing it just cause that would be so awesome to see it in print. 😀 But first I have to see how it reads once it’s off the pages of the source book.

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