Random Word Experiments

When pigs fly
In pig’s eye
Don’t deny
Win pop fly

Junk is no good, baby.
Is no junk good, baby?
No good baby is junk.
No baby is good junk.
Junk baby is no good.
Baby junk is good, no?
No junk is good, baby.
Is baby good junk?  No.
Good baby is no junk.
Good junk is no baby.
No, baby. Junk is good.

the earth
the heart
here that
thee hart
tree hath
there hat
here that
hehe tart
tehe hart
he, the art
he, the tar
he, the rat
the hater

In the mysteries of Earth.
Of the Earth in mysteries.
Of mysteries in the Earth.
In the Earth of mysteries.
In mysteries of the Earth