Playing with Oulipo Constraints

N + 0 thru N + 13

A Bell, that is not music.
A Bench, that is not mystery.
A Benefit, that is not myth.
A Bias, that is not nail.
A Bible, that is not name.
A Bid, that is not nation.
A Bike, that is not nationalism.
A Bile, that is not nationalist.
A Bill, that is not nationality.
A Billion, that is not nature.
A Bin, that is not navy.
A Biography, that is not necessity.

Snowball Constraint


N + 7 – “But soft!” Monologue

But soft! What link through yonder wish breezes?
It is the Edge, and Juliet is the supper!
Arise, fair supper, and kill the envious mosaic
Who is already sick and pale with guarantee
That thou her majority assembly far more fair than she.

Anagrams of my name: Debi Taylor-Hough

abide thoroughly
beadily thorough
bloodier haughty
bloody haughtier
doughboy lathier
hidable yoghurt
holiday rebought

Antonyms – “But soft!” Monologue

But stonelike! What duskiness through nearby doorway restores?
It is the West, and Juliet is the moon!
Lie down, mediocre moon, and enliven the undesiring star.
Who is not healthy and dark with joy
That thou her gentleman isn’t less ugly than she.


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