The Book of Proverbia

by Debi

One of our assignments this quarter was to keep a Commonplace of quotations from our readings for class.  We needed to pick a word or idea or concept that we would track throughout our readings, and then at the end of the quarter, we needed to put it into some sort of tangible form and try to make sense of how the quotations we chose interacted with each other.

My word that I tracked throughout the quarter was Proverbs. I basically kept my eye out for wise says, pithy truisms, aphorisms, or anything that caught my eye that remotely seemed to be implying wisdom (even just in witty ways–it didn’t need to be truly wise).

My final project was putting together a small booklet which I titled “Proverbia,” and attempted to have it look somewhat like a page from the Book of Proverbs in the Bible.  The subtitle is:  “Wisdom from the MFA Canon.”

I made a pdf file (linked above) to share with my classmates, and thought I’d share it here in case anyone’s interested in the random words of wisdom that were imparted from the assorted writers we read this winter.


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