Experiment: “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!”

This week’s experimental writing assignment consisted of creating several word banks and then using the resulting lists of words/phrases and “creating something fantastical out of reality, hiding fact behind mystery.”

We needed to:

  1. Pick something we have some expertise in and then use its specialized language (I chose Charlotte Mason educational philosophies)
  2. List words and phrases related to a town or city where we live, grew up, or are well acquainted with (I chose Auburn, Washington)
  3. Write a dream in exactly 7 words in only 90 seconds.

I used the 7-word dreams as titles/headings, and then used the word lists as word banks to create something true/false and “fantastical.”



Giant black widow spider in the kitchen—

A giant black widow spider was spotted in the kitchen of a mobile home near the library. This proved to be an opportune circumstance for casual nature study.  The students carefully observed the handicraft of the web.  Appreciated the artistry of the wildlife.

But is the spider an illegal?  Where are its papers?

Others see the black widow in the housing projects.  The country club set in this small town is welcoming to the herons.  But not to the crows. Or to the panhandlers, the homeless, or the black widows.

Crime!  Gambling!  Graffiti!  Mexicans!

This composition is no longer in keeping with the healthy historic hometown habitat of the highbrow Presbyterians and Methodists concentrated on Main Street.  Where are the Baptists when we need them?

Call the police.

Pair of barrels fell on their heads—

While working in the Safeway warehouse on the other side of the tracks, a pair of barrels fell on their heads.  The gangs claimed responsibility which was more than the mayor imagined.

In the English countryside, the gardens don’t grow low-income teenage pregnancies.  But here, the casino, racetrack, and Bingo hall breeds crime and community colleges.

The Dream Center does outreach along the White River and under the rocks where the homeless encamp.

Flooding in the riverbed assists the slaughter of the Japanese farmers who began growing strawberries, hops, horses, parks, pajamas, cottonwood trees, trains, and outlet stores.

City Hall is proud of their community.


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