Random Bits: Scribbles from My Notebook

(inspired by seeing Anne Lamott)

by Debi

Truth, sorrow, and grief have gone missing in popular culture.  We are lost.  Grief (and anger) are the way home.  Anger.  Fury.  Sadness.  Pain.  Death.  This is the poetics of self-stuff.  Tears water our lives – like bathing, baptizing.

We’re told to pick something specific from the menu of life, and not to live in paradox.  We are shamed into becoming actors of perfect lives. The newly sober, however, are allowed their real feelings.

There is no freedom without discipline.  Habit, not inspiration, is the parent of creativity.

The fourth great prayer after Help, Thanks, and Wow is Whatever.

Know that you are safe.  You are preapproved.  You are welcomed.

The opposite of faith is certainty.

Love and serve everyone.