Short Story: Annie’s Unfinished Story

by Debi

“Mommy?”  A quiet voice called from the hallway, the soft light from her daughter’s nightlight shining into the gloom.

“Yes, honey, Mommy’s here.  What’s up?  Why are you out of bed?”

“I thought I heard crying.”

Oh, crap.  Annie hadn’t realized she’d been crying.  At least not so others could hear.  These days she was always crying on the inside. Continue reading

Short Story: Sales Girl

[Note: This story is still a work-in-progress]

by Debi

It’s funny how everyone starts out working at Barrington’s by saying, “I’m not preppy and I’m never going to wear a polo.”  But then that first shipment arrives, they discover the joys of sorting through the new stock, and voila, another Barrington’s prepster is born. My own personal fashion decisions have become incredibly limited after three years’ of Barrington’s employee discounts. I can buy brand new clothing for less than I’d pay at thrift stores, so I stock up. But now every morning it’s the same thing—do I wear the blue polo or the red? Continue reading

Short Story: “A Cookie for Sarah”

a cookie for sarahby Debi

“Mama!  I see Grammy!”

Sarah waved to her grandmother as they pulled up the gravel driveway to the old Victorian house on the hill overlooking the busy waterfront across the street.

As soon as the van stopped, Sarah was out the door in a flash, not even needing her mother to unbuckle the car seat.  There was no such thing as Sarah-proofing anything. Grammy bent down and gave Sarah’s blonde head a quick kiss, and then hugged her until she got tired of the bear hug and wriggled free. Continue reading