Personal Retreat Action Plan

A Personal Retreat is an act of self-love and self-care. It’s a gift to yourself. It can be long or short. A couple of hours alone on a park bench, or an overnight in a fancy hotel, or several days in a location important to you (like I did).

When I decided to do a Personal Retreat, I wanted to make sure I accomplished what I set out to do.  First, I identified what I wanted to get out of it::

  • recharge – set life in a new direction
  • get unstuck – reconnect with myself
  • revisit goals – find new insights
  • brainstorm solutions – get clarity
  • transformation

I wanted space to rejuvenate, recollect, and reflect on life, on the past, and on my future.

I identified the main transformative activities I would do:

  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Mediation/prayer
  • Gratitude
  • Walking

I brought with me a book that I wanted to work through that focused on personal change, a large blank sketchbook for notes and doodles and whatever, healthy food (the place I stayed had a microwave and fridge in the room so I didn’t have to interrupt my retreat to go off in search of food in town).

I roughly outlined my days with time for reading, time for reflection, time for physical activity (walking/hiking the trails and the long driveway of the ranch), and time for fun (horseback riding!).  I alternated transformative practice with relaxation and physical activity.’

After the retreat, I wanted to come up with an Action Plan of how to live out any new ideas or new intentions, but that wasn’t really something I could plan ahead, since I didn’t know what sorts of transformations or ideas were going to come out of the experience.

Now I plan to do a check-in with myself after a week of being home.  That will be tomorrow night.

Taking a Personal Retreat isn’t complicated. It just takes a little planning and thinking ahead. For myself, I think choosing the book to work through might have been the hardest part, but in this circumstance I’d already found the book and had started the process at home. The location was easy for me and sort of presented itself. I’d say trust your intuition about where you could go for some serenity and space for reflection.

If you take a Personal Retreat, I hope you find it beneficial and enlightening.