A long pilgrimage away from yourself

I found this in a little notebook where I’d been keeping notes on things I’d read. I don’t know what this is. Is it phrases I liked from a book? It doesn’t seem to make enough sense enough to be a poem of its own. It’s sort of poetic feeling, though. It’s super intriguing to me and a bit weird that I don’t know where it came from or what its intent was. Dream writing? It is definitely written in my handwriting. Well, just to give it some sort of sense, I’ll call it a poem. Here’s the unknown mystery “poem” that I stumbled upon today.

a long pilgrimage away from yourself
appreciate someone when they’re gone from your life
come into your body of change
you’ve seen the light
looked into stone as a strong sturdy rock
be weathered by what comes to you
imprisonment of the human spirit
sheltering beauty
wild horizon
creates the essentiality
astonished at the place you grew
dedicates himself
takes half-a-step braver step
house of high thinking and simple things
imprisoning necessity
to the brim my heart was full
walk in blessedness
a dedicated spirit
magnificent morning light
my heart was full
sinning greatly
what horizon is there
devilish version of self
in Biblical times
saw it for the first time
a strangled scream
ascended into new life
an uncaring invitation
panicked quivering arms
like extras from the Bible
wide-eyed and singing
the books beneath the conversation
one short step away
a door of revelation
brutally honest spiritual warrior
foundational truth
grounded in humility and humiliation
keep loss and heartache at bay
the outer diagnostic
no realistic choice
the path of vulnerability
asking for the help you need along the way
humble compassion
apprentice to understanding
obeying the earth
the give and take of the sea
moonlit shadow
a pale whispering face
waking joy
it always had to break your heart along the way
walking far outside yourself
a prayer for safe arrival
the heart, the mind, the promise
more marvelous
a simple reflection
the road stretching on
the road seen
the road dropping away
take your promise from you
the dwelling place you lived
another invitation
a field of freedom
the road stretching on