Decluttering Notes

In the process of decluttering, I came across a little red notebook that had about 20 pages of handwritten notes.  I’d set the notebook aside and decided to look through it this morning.  The first few pages were about mental health and self-care ideas.  And then suddenly the pages shifted into decluttering-themed writing.  This is a topic I come back to regularly, it appears.

The basics of these notes were quick tips and a couple of questions for thought.

  1. Break jobs into ten-minute chunks
  2. Make things pleasant (music, air freshener, candles, comfy clothes)
  3. What motivates you to clean?  (Company coming over, Game Nights, holidays)
  4. Favorite Flylady tips:  shine the sink, start with the biggest thing in the room, Baby Steps
  5. Favorite Kondo tips:  does it bring joy, sorting clothes, books (but I keep more than 30)
  6. What purpose do you want your home to fulfill?