The river

(This is just a quick thought after a walk in the park this morning, not finished by any means. Totally rough draft, but thought I’d share anyway.)


I walked on the concrete pathway
Squirrels playing around the base of large fir trees
Dogs walking their owners
Dappled sunshine
Then I heard it
The river calling me
It was out of sight
But unmistakable
I followed a small rocky pathway that veered into the woods
And then I saw the source of the calling
It was wide and grey
With sun glinting off the tops of waves
Crashing over rocks and fallen trees
Originating in the mountains
Parented by small streams
The wilderness passing through the city
Calling to those walking by
But how many heed the call?
How many listen and hear?
How many alter their path when destiny calls?
The wilderness sharing its wildness
Through the crashing waters
In a local city park