Facing the Unknown


rest in simplicity
a quiet sense of self
an invisible heat
and turning back
to the ground of reality

the place of vulnerability
is a doorway
for our best gifts
a great hidden dynamic of life
a relationship
with the great unknown elements
moving toward a new world
a new work
a central foundation

the details of life
speak to us
in their own voices
we must apprentice ourselves
giving ourselves over
to learning
to a change of identity
to indescribable beauty

the winter of listening
a faculty of seasonality
the conversational nature of life
its growth depends on rain
on sun
changing leaves
courage and

a normal part
of human existence
a core human confidence
what is the conversation?
disrupt the present narrative
not knowing what to say
you don’t know how
to play the game
don’t let others
smother your humility

naming things
is a tool
of belonging

life is the long farewell
a presence that holds our losses

a well-felt sadness
can be as generous toward others
as a well-felt joy

our fiercest cycles of life
a gift to others

life as an enemy force
you may not achieve everything
feeling as if you don’t belong
cycles of humiliation
falling apart
what if it’s all about nothing?

start close in
the elements inside us
are unique to us
multilayered contexts
held together
in conversation
with a larger landscape
beautiful and deep
calling up
through an open door

just into darkness
into a day of
these forces and tides
will never come again
pretend or ignore
or look it in the face
make sense
of the complexity of life

we don’t have to be
an image of perfection
where you are
our particularities of life
stop telling stories
of the same visions
form an image
inside yourself
you’re following
the elemental reality
of existence
the disciplines
of an everyday

to be human is to be visible
you are not an accident amid accidents
ask the question
turn away from previous conversations
take the first step
the step you don’t want to take
commit to a new unknown

grow into the story you’ve been told since you were a child
something is ready to spark in you
a robust vulnerability
a new pattern
hold these in the ways that only humans can
what shape awaits
in the tree of you?

real creativity
takes place
in the grit of life
a wordless
creates spaciousness
around the unknown