Poems: Found poetry from “Down”

51UpSd5xOiLThe following is a selection of found poetry from Downa book of found poetry by Sarah Dowling. Dowling’s found poems into my found poems. It’s a bit organic.

The constraint I used was to find repeated phrasing, and then make a list of those phrases. The phrases are in the order I found them, more or less. Not the greatest poetry, but it was fun to do.

I’ve been finding whenever I read anything these days, I end up jotting down notes and looking for potential centos, found poems, etc. I think I’ve become a phrase addict.

by Debi


if I can’t
if I’m not
if I can’t tell
if you tell
I’m not but
you can’t tell me
I’m not but
you shouldn’t but
if I promise
if I let you go


it’s by
it’s cold
it’s cold outside
it’s linked
it’s the trembling
it’s cold
it’s linked
it’s the trembling cold outside


what could make
what could make me
make me feel
make me better
make me we
what could make
what could make me
make me us
make me matter
make me one
what could make
what could make me
make me feel


I don’t need
I don’t need to
I don’t need no
I don’t need us
I don’t need any
I don’t need


feel this
feel anything
feel we
feel this one
feel this expressed
feel this in the way
feel this
feel us


these days (days)
see tears (tears)
secret place (place)
my prey (prey)
for days (days)
to prey (prey)


I’ve got this
I’ve got serenity
I’ve got existence
I’ve got disarray
I’ve got sunshine
I’ve got attention
I’ve got a relationship
I’ve got the same
I’ve got by
I’ve got us
I’ve got so much
I’ve got a person
I’ve got excesses
I’ve got a thing
I’ve got that


I may
I must
I guess
I guess
I guess and expressed
I guess we
I guess between
you’d say very
I guess each
you’d say this
I guess any
you’d say not
I guess histories
you’d say never
I guess
I guess very
I guess disorientation