Experiment: The ABC’s of “5 W’s and an H” According to Google

5 x Ws and H

by Debi


who am I
who baptized John the Baptist
who created God
who died today
who edited the Bible
who framed Roger Rabbit
who gives a crap
who hates Christmas
who is Allah
who just died
who knows
who loves the Sun
who must die
who named Earth
who or whom
who pissed in your Cheerios
who questioned God in the Bible
who rocks
who sold Mike out
who trained Yoda
who unfriended me
who vulcanized rubber
who won
who x rayed DNA
who yelled eureka
who zoomin who


what a wonderful world
what becomes of the broken-hearted
what century are we in
what depression feels like
what eats snakes
what Feminism means to me
what gets wetter as it dries
what History forgot
what is the third eye chakra
what just happened
what Kardashian are you
what lies beneath
what mixes well with Tequila
what not to wear
what oh my god
what pity means
what questions
what room has no walls
what say you
what tattoo should I get
what ulcer gets better with food
what value(s) of θ make(s) x=-y
what we do in the shadows
what Xanax feels like
what ya gonna do
what zup


when active voice is used in a sentence
when breath becomes air
when cells divide
when darkness falls
when enough is enough
when friends let you down
when giving is all we have
when Hell freezes over
when I grow up
when Jesus wept
when keeping it real goes wrong
when Libras get mad
when my time comes
when no one cares
when offering advice it’s important to be sure
when pigs fly
when quitting is good
when rocks cry out
when Soul meets Body
when Time stood still
when ultimate warrior died
when voices meet
when we were young
when X-Files tells the truth
when ye pray
when zombies attack


where am I right now
where bad kids go
where cool things happen
where did I park
where else can I go
where fun goes to die
where God left his shoes
where have you been
where is my refund
where Jesus walked
where kids eat free
where love is illegal
where miracles happen
where no one goes
where oh where
where party at
where quartz can be found
where rainbows never die
where sin abounds
where the wild things are
where unicorns are real
where vultures feast
where women create
where x and y meet
where yesterday lives
where Zeus was born


why always me
why baby why
why can’t I sleep
why do we dream
why education is important
why fit in when you can stand out
why good employees quit
why have you forsaken me
why ignorance is not bliss
why just why
why keep living
why love hurts
why me Lord
why not me
why oh why
why people lie
why quit
why Rome fell
why so serious
why thank you
why us
why vulnerability is important
why wants are unlimited
why xoxo is hugs and kisses
why you give up something for Lent
why zoos were created


how are you
how big is the Universe
how can it be
how deep is the Ocean
how earthquakes happen
how far away is the Moon
how great Thou art
how hot is the Sun
how I almost died
how Jimmy came undone
how kinky are you
how little we know
how mountains are formed
how not to cry
how on Earth
how Paris became Paris
how quaint
how rude
how soon is now
how time flies
how urgent do you need it
how very special are we
how will I know
how x affects y
how you carry yourself