Poem: Habits

Habits book cover imageI’ve been playing around a bit with erasure and found poetry lately.  Today I decided to grab a random book off my shelf (specifically not poetry) and construct a poem of sorts from words/phrases in the first few pages/chapters.

The book I chose to play with today was Habits by Charlotte Mason (a British educator from the last century).


We are all mere creatures of habit
we think our accustomed thoughts
make our usual small talk
the trivial round
the common task

The mother’s thoughts run on her children
the painter’s on pictures
the poet’s on poems

The philospher—
a thinker of high thoughts—
apt to forget that the thought that defiles
behaves precisely as the thought that purifies

The child—
born with the future in his hands—
the habits of the child
produce the character of the man
an act of faith resting on experience

The effort of decision is the greatest effort of life
not the doing of the thing
but the making up of one’s mind
which thing to do first


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