Photos: Late Summer at Mill Pond Park

My daughter and I went for a walk at a local park last month and I took a few photos just to document the change of the seasons.  Every season has its beauties.

IMG_1178 (2)

There was something a little bit Monet-like about the algae on the pond. Almost looked like lily pads if you didn’t look too closely.  All of this summer’s baby ducks at the pond have grown up now.

The dock at the park is what’s being reflected in the pond. Almost looks like spider webs where you can see the wire from the railing.

IMG_1185 (2)

The lines made from the cattails and the ripples were fun.

IMG_1186 (2)

I love this one.  🙂

For a few more photos I also took at Mill Pond Park (that were taken about a month before these), go here:

A few random photos at the park