Poem: Nature is medicinal


The lefthand side is a cento (collage poem) made from phrases in Emerson’s essay, “Nature.”  The righthand side is an overflow and reaction to the cento that I pieced together using Google’s search function as the source for words/ideas.  This can be read in three different ways.  The left side as a poem of its own, the right side as a poem of its own, and both together (alternately) as a poem together.  Would love to hear if this format is interesting at all.  Just messing around.  🙂

Nature is Medicinal

by Debi


nature is medicinal

[the healing properties of amethyst quartz]

the air is a cordial of incredible virtue

                [cordially invite you to the dance of reality

                where virtues and vices play acoustically]

let him look at the stars

                [look to the stars not your feet]

the tinge of an unusual sky

                [bloody streaks with diamonds]

like a new soul, they renew the body

                [not an old soul in a young body

but vigor reinvigorated]

we are never tired

                [no longer tired of being alone, tired of life,

of waiting]

so long as we can see far enough

                [the horizon is always at eye level]


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