Experiment: Multiple Viewpoint Fable

This was an in-class writing experiment from last night.  We had ten minutes (!) to write a “fable” from multiple viewpoints.  This is what came out of my pen.

The Hero:

  • The end of the road is only the beginning of the journey.  After we stepped into the trees, the adventure began in earnest.

His Wife:

  • “Dear, why are we going into the woods?  Please, I’d like to just turn around and go back home.”

The Henchman:

  • “They’re coming, Sir.  The snares are ready.  We await your signal.”

The Evil Overlord:

  • My eyes see all.  The footsteps of the unwary lead them to my abode where time ceases, dreams commence, and nothing is as it appears.

The Dog:

  • My Master is smiling.  I will get treats tonight!  Maybe even a bone or two.

The Undertaker:

  • In my line of work, you must always carry a tape measure.  Everyone you meet will eventually be your customer.

The Fortune Teller:

  • “The cards are not in your favor this night.  The travelers will escape and your plans will be thwarted.”

The Child:

  • “Mommy, why are you and Daddy home so late?  Did you take the long way through the woods again?”


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