Word Bank Poem: Derrida

A Communication “Experience”

by Debi

Let us dwell for a moment,
living in recognition
of the absence of “experience.”

There is no experience,
only communication
in variations of intention.

being weaned of structure,
or the empirical eventuality
of pure essence,
we shall extend this law to all.
To permit its recognition,
and repetition.

We have seen the simple negativity,
the labor of the negative,
required to structure
these production variations.

We have marked from its origin,
an utterance does not modify in the slightest.
A possibility easy enough admitted today.

The “word bank” for this was Page Ten from Jacques Derrida’s essay, “Signature Event Context.”  The assignment given in class tonight was to compose a poem or a piece of writing using nothing but words and phrases found on a single page (of our choice) from Derrida’s essay.  We had ten minutes to write something.

If this poem makes no sense to you, well, welcome to my world of trying to read Derrida for the first time.  Even when it’s not randomly selected words and phrases, his writing is more than a little bit dense.


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