Poem: The Lie

by Debi

This quarter in the MFA program, we’re investigating more unusual writing styles and methods.  Each week in our Writing Workshop, we’ll need to bring in an “experiment” we wrote or created during the week.  These experiments are truly experimental.  We have to write in a style or format that we’re not comfortable with and have never used before.  This should prove interesting.

The following is an experimental free-form prose poem I wrote after reading Gertrude Stein’s book of poetry, Tender Buttons, and re-reading Sir Walter Raleigh’s classic poem, “The Lie.”  My apologies to both.  😉


LYING, a hateful experience. And not.

I like lyres. I dislike liars. I don’t not dislike lying.

Quaint seaside bungalows lie along the coast. The lie of the golf ball makes an easy shot. The plain lies stretched out before us. We sprinkle lye upon the dead. Lying abed, lying down, lying low, lying with. Lying, a need in illness. A help with rest. A pseudonym for copulation.

Take it lying down. The decision lies with him.

Horizontal. Recumbent. Prostrate. Flat. Deception. Falsification. Imposture. Fib. Fibbing, flitting, flirting, fighting, lighting, lighten, lion, lie on. I think she’s lying through her teeth instead of flossing.  Lying in ambush. Lying in state. Lying in later so morning can wait.



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