The Kandy Kottage: A Fairy Tale of Sorts

10703743_10203888508827182_4531992321075447311_nThis story is true. Well, until it isn’t, that is. It’s a real event from my childhood, but the ending is what my childhood imagination had pictured could have happened. Sometimes real life is more pleasant than the world of fairy tales and fantasy.  The photo is the real Kandy Kottage from the good old Retro days of Bellevue, Washington where I grew up and read far too many scary stories.

by Debi

In the back of the family station wagon, a little girl played with her teddy bear. This was long before the days of mandatory seatbelts, child car seats, or even auto safety glass.

Her mother called from the front seat, “Shall we stop at the Kandy Kottage and buy some chocolate covered orange peels for a treat?”

“No, Mama! No! That’s the witch’s house! She’ll eat me if I go in there!”

“Silly girl. The old woman at the Kandy Kottage isn’t a witch. You’ve read too many fairy tales.”

The child continued to play with the bear, acting out an heroic rescue from the clutches of the evil woman in the sweet smelling house. “Teddy to the rescue!”

Glancing nervously out the window, the girl saw they were driving down the road that passed before the Kandy Kottage.

“No, Mama! No! She’ll eat me up!”

“Hush, child. We’re just heading home. I won’t force you to go to the candy store. This is just the fastest way home.”

The girl cast another furtive glance outside. She saw the witch’s cottage getting closer by the moment. She trusted her mother, but she didn’t trust the witch. They were going to be too close to the Kandy Kottage. The child tried to play with the teddy bear, but even Teddy’s rescue was ineffective this time.

The car slowed to a stop as a woman in the van in front hopped out to run in and buy some candy quickly. Before Mother could switch lanes, a truck barreled into the back end of the station wagon, throwing the child from the car and onto the pavement. Right at the front step of the Kandy Kottage.

An elderly woman stood at the window and grinned slyly. When it was the witch’s mealtime, no mother’s driving could keep the witch from her favorite treat. “No, Mama. No. I’ll eat her up.”

The body of the child was never found and assumed to be burnt in the inferno that had engulfed the truck and station wagon. No survivors. No witnesses.

So, do you want some candy?  The Kandy Kottage is open for business.  The owner especially loves small children.

2 thoughts on “The Kandy Kottage: A Fairy Tale of Sorts

  1. I recall the Kandy Kottage as a vivid landmark of my childhood…..It later became the YES (Youth Eastside Services) with that spooky eyeball logo on its front….A while ago my daughter and I found ourselves in Bellevue with some time to kill….parked off Bellevue Way near the site of the K.K. and began to poke around the bushes…came across where the foundations used to be….found a couple of shingles in the dirt that match the siding in the photograph….Thanks for sharing your perspective……..I have deeply appreciated it…….

    They’re tearing down the street
    Where I grew up
    Like pouring brandy
    In a Dixie cup…”
    The 5th Dimension

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